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Gear Review

4 5

Vectra IQ Headlamp

Great lamp, nice light from the LED bulbs, i like the way the lamp protrudes from the head and angle is adjustable so that your face isn't floodlit with light. Good on/off switch, means you don't need to toggle between xenon and led every time you switch on. The intelligent circuitry indicating the battery power remaining got a bit confused on a rare occasion, but overall a very useful function, as is the 'find me' blinking light. The battery case is a wee bit awkward to access, but sleek design and more important, it’s waterproof. The only major complaint is that the xenon bulb light isn't that bright using rechargeable batteries, but that can be overcome using conventional batteries, and the LEDs are so bright you hardly ever need to use the xenon beam. Overall a great lamp, very comfortable and a brilliant piece of kit. Highly recommended.