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Vasque Breese & other Vasque boots Sole split problem

My Vasque Breese GTX boots are great, but....
It looks like Vasque changed their manufacturing to China about 5-6 years ago and ever since their boot line is having problems with the sole splitting right at the ball. Some splitting in as little as 3 months. (all the way through the sole) My boots split after 15 months. Vasque waranty is only 1 year. No luck there for replacement. The savor is backcountry with their 100% guarentee. Your can get them replaced / refunded. If you are curios / more info about the problem just do a web search. This has been going on for about 5 years. It doesn't look like Vasque plans on changing there design. Just buy them from Backcountry

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i think you hate the fact that there made in china thank are great county for that and i don't think vasque co. are going to lower there standard making there boot there.