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VZ Fishbowl

Finally received White Satin/Fire Chrome.
My eyes are VERY VISIBLE even though what I wanted and was expecting "mirror/can't see through" kind of goggles(lens).
Except that, the goggle is very big, good for my head size(XXL)
(Somehow on the picture I took, the lens looks very "mirror" like but it is not...wth..lls")

OHHH another thing! My friend has a Electric EG2 and not because I have VZ fishbowl but since I saw,wore both of em, I personally like VZ fishbowl better.

VZ Fishbowl
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I find the lens to be almost impossible to see my eyes when on the snow or outdoors. When you are indoors you can kind of see the eyes, but not much. Try going outside and snapping a photo.

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yo jung, you look whack in that picture and the electric EG2s are wayyyy sicker than these. LOLOL

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lols shut up Daniel! let go again next saturday.

Brad: oh really? do you have the same exact lens?