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Gear Review

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VERY warm and comfy

So I bought these boots and took them out snowshoeing. First, they offer an extremely comfortable insole and are quite warm. They are also light/small enough to allow you to perform somewhat technical movements (ie. they don't get in their own way), at least while snowshoeing. Guaranteed there are lighter/smaller boots out there, but may not be as comfy. My only issue was that since they fit snug with the ankles, they really did a number on my ankles (in terms of bruising) first time out. I remember this happening when I used to ski as well with ski boots. Your ankle has to get used to it. I *think* this is common for any boot that really hugs the ankle and where you are doing things that require constant bending of the ankle such as hiking. The next day I ended up not lacing them all the way up and that made a difference in terms of ankle soreness. Overall I would recommend them.