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Usless melt to the pan spatula

I bought this set mainly for the spatula so I could flip a pancake or turn an omelette on one of my trips. I was trying out a new titanium cookset/frying pan on my last one and the frying pan didn't distribute heat worth s#%t and the spatula melted to the pan when I was trying to rescue my pancakes from burning. What a mess. In theory, one could control the heat in a camp stove but that is rarely the case so a good spatula is necessary to manage breakfast. Some other reviewer suggested a small metal spatula from Pampered Chef, fortunately, I had one and find it a realistic alternative to this. I do really like the Backcountry Brand Titanium long spoon but that is another review.

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That must have been an increadably hot pan. I've done omlettes, fried eggs, pancakes, veg and even salmon steaks and had no issues at all with the set at all. If you use a metal spatula good chance you are going to drastically reduce the life of your pan becaue you will put small scratchs in the nonstick coating evrytime to use it.