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After 26 years As a customer service agent for the majors, I pretty much laugh at locks on luggage. You can put the biggest padlock on your suitcase and any thief can punch the zipper with a knife or key to open it and re-zip it without damaging your bag or alerting you. Additionaly, we find more of these laying around the airport with your zipperpulls still connected after they were caught and ripped apart from your bag in the process destroying your luggage. The TSA will generaly inspect your bag in your presence at point of contact avoiding their use anyway. Based on expeirience, I always reccomend carrying all your valubles on your person and to avoid turning your luggage into a charm braclet of locks and oversized novelty tags that will catch onto every conveyor system, belt loader, cart or become the grabbing point of the handler tossing it 20ft to the next! Believe it or not, two slim straps wrapped in a cross around your bag are more of a deterent to thieves and secure your bag from opening than any lock I have encountered!!! In this pic: A few of the many I encounter Ripped off or the cause of damage to baggage!