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Gear Review

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Useful daily

Most other reviews cover the woods basis and they are correct. Light, very useful and holds up well. My review pertains to those of use that aren't professional outdoorsman and only make it off the beaten path once a month or so.

I have a skeletool CX and it is awesome. I keep it in my car during day-to-day life and on my pack when in the woods or on the water. I use this tool probably once every other week and it's always a life savior in a pinch. Great for loosening battery terminals, cutting just about anything, stripping wires and opening a great many beers. It has not failed in doing a task I've asked of it yet. The only complaint I have, and it was one from the outset, is that on the inside of the blade channel (where it closes) there is rust. This was present from day one. It is only minor pitting and it hasn't gotten worse over the years. I use this in a marine environment from time to time and with a fresh water rinse and dry, it has held up pretty well. I probably should have sent it back when I got it but they were so far back logged when they first came out, I had to wait three or more months for delivry. Once it showed up, I was reluctant to send it back out! Anyways, I've dinged the blade through frequent use but it's still incredibly sharp (enough so that you can cut a cigar cap pretty cleanly). I have yet to sharpen it b/c I don't really need to though it is a bit duller these days. In summary, I like it a lot. I recommend it and I would buy it again.