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Gear Review

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Ups and Downs

I go trail running every other day and backpacking every week almost. I have owned this watch for about 4 weeks and I have the military black version now let me say that this watch can take abuse I have slammed into rocks I forgot to take it off while swimming in a lake and it survived cliff jumping! I also discovered the depth meter that way. I figured I could dive to about 14 feet under water. now this is not made for diving but just saying that it can handle any water adventure you plan to drag it on. Now do I find this watch as a useful tool? No... Why you ask? because the only real useful thing is the stopwatch other then that it is as useful as a "weather rock" a weather rock is a rock that hangs on a string and if its gone it means there was a tornado if its wet its raining if its swinging its windy any way you get the point. If you are getting it for the barometer I really don't see why because every time my storm warning went off it was raining five minutes before. The compass is fairly accurate the altimeter is accurate up to about 20 feet witch I am more then happy with thats more accurate then my GPS unit so over all I like it. I am sure this is one of the top ABC Watch because I have seen some cheap spin off's that do not have the accuracy this does. Now the major question. Would I by this watch knowing what I know now? Yeah sure why not. mostly because you can mark a compass heading witch is great in the forestry areas.