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I was so excited that they weren't discontinued. The Hikers Haven in Town went under many years ago and that's where i bought my first pair. I loved them but in mid Sept the nylon broke since i'd beed walking on ripped soles for some time it was bound to happen. The shoes i'd wear in the snow were runined. So i set about finding out if they were still made no matter where. My new ones aren't the same the part where your foot sits is grey not black like the old ones and the actual shoe is bigger even though i ordered the same size as before, and being a women i don't want a bigger shoe it doesn't say anything flattering about me, plus my foot doesn't fit in it the same way the arch is off and since i've always had foot issues that's not good in a shoe i had planned to wear till the snow flys. I won't wear them as much and since i didn't throw out the old ones i still manage to wear them instead since the old ones are simply a better shoe even though the left one is broken.