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Unacceptable performance in the simplest situations

I must say, I had high hopes for these boots based upon the reviews here. And in all fairness, these boots will work in most situations. They are fairly comfortable and if this review was based on comfort alone, I would give them high scores. However, after wearing the shoes for about 12 straight hours, wetness begins to appear on the left and right side of each boot where the shoe flexes where your foot meets your toes. This is due to the humidity inside the boot. Now I cannot say that my foot is more or less humid than yours, but I can say that this has NEVER happened to me with any shoe before. Beyond that, the moisture spots discolor the boot permanently, and now both shoes have sweat circles on both sides of them. While this might be fine for a strictly hiking boot, I use these shoes for work as well. As for waterproofness, if the exhaust from my feet can cause these shoes to become wet on the outside, I don't see how they could possibly keep any amount of water out. I feel like I wasted $300 and won't be buying another Lowa boot.

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Did you contact Lowa to see if this is a defective boot? I can't imagine this happening unless it is defective.

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at least you know theyre breathable

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Moisture from the inside coming out doesn't say anything about moisture coming in. Gore Tex is designed to let air and moisture out, but not in. Maybe you should wear it for a bit more, if you haven't even had them on in the wet yet.
But contacting Lowa sounds like a good plan.

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At least you know the gore works. If only gore worked good enough to keep me from sweating inside. What did you think would happen if the sweat went through the gore tex? Outside water is not getting through.