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Ultralight with Liability

If cutting ounces from your pack weight is your primary concern than this pad will probably make you happy. I found that the pad, although warm, is uncomfortable for side sleepers (lack of thickness), noisy (reflective aluminum baffling), and incredibly delicate. When a good night's sleep is on the line, carry something a little heavier.

Definitely not an option if you're a side sleeper.

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Completely disagree about the side sleeping. I carried an original NeoAir on my PCT thru hike -- the only thing uncomfortable about sleeping on my side was my newly knobby knees resting against each other. The NeoAir is the most comfortable option I've found in this weight range for sleeping on my side. Stupidly comfortable set up for sleeping night after night on the ground.

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What a joke... This is the most comfortable pad I've ever owned (I've had many). I disagree about it being noisy (the Insulated Air Core is WAY noisier). Lastly, I've had no problems with durability--no leaks, and I sleep on decomposed granite all the time. I'm not sure what Ryan is expecting, but this is an ECXELLENT product.

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I couldn't disagree more about the side sleeping as well. I am a side and stomach sleeper and the neo air series is the ONLY mat I've enjoyed as a side and stomach sleeper. Why is it so good? because you can fill it up part of the way and allow your hips to be absorbed into the mat so that your body is properly supported, and your curves are properly accounted for. Instead of your hips on the ground and waking up with back pain, your hips are allowed to assume their natural position by being absorbed into the pad. The 2.5 inches is just incredible. I can't imagine what this dude Ryan, above, carries that is THICKER than a 2.5" pad? Do they even make thicker pads in this category? Maybe Big Agnes makes one? Anyway this guy must be talking about a comparison to a blow up car camping or hotel style mattress, because this is as thick as I've ever seen a lightweight mat. And if he's carrying a 2 inch thick self inflating thermarest that weighs over 3 lbs I pity the fool!

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In total, I have spent about a month sleeping on Neo Air by now. I am a side sleeper and I have been impressed with comfort and durability. The noise was an issue in the beginning. I got a thermorest fitted sheet and that helps a lot. Most of the time I use a quilt (or often I use a sleeping bag quilt style) and in this setup it is almost as comfortable as sleeping at home.
By the way, I have good with Big Agnes AirCore, they are solid pads.