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For 2009 the EOS Tactical will be coming with a 50 Lumen Maxbright LED and the button issue has been addressed. The new model (in stock now) is impressively bright and the new button is easily turned on with gloves- yet firm enough not to turn on during storage.

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Since you're under Princeton Tec's employ, I'm not sure how anybody can consider this review unbiased.

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Well zha100518705, because Ryan Ditta is not stating an opinion of anything, there really is no bias issue with this review, even if he is an employee. It is nothing more than what could be read on the packaging anyway, and, because of that fact, everything is completely verifiable. He is just stating what the newest light is equipped with and what model changes have been made,

What information in this review could be biased?

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Company reps post reviews, answer questions and add comments all the time on this site. As Jerry posted, I didn't read where he posted any opinions, only facts about the product. How do you know he is employed by Princeton Tec, there is not a icon by his name?