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Tunes for the Water Babies

There's nothing like basking in the sun with your toes playing in a little water while your mind is set at ease and the headphones are pumping your favorite jams. Whether you're at the pool or on a river float, this case is the best option I've stumbled across.

I have had two versions of this case, and other than some rough abuse and lot's of time in the sun, the first generation was great. But, with a few tweaks and some radical waterproofing of the headphone jack, the 2nd generation has me really impressed.

Stoke: Stuff this inside your lifejacket with a waterproof speaker and your life has begun anew. I have taken this river rafting, camping, hiking, paddleboarding, etc. and it truly is a great addition to any outdoor recreation.

Gripes: I don't really like how the internal cord gets caught up in the folded (i.e. waterproofing fold) part. Also, there is not enough padding in the 2nd generation case.