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Gear Review

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Trusty S.A.K.

I got one of these off my buddy, and it is an awesome little tool. I leave it in my just in case dry-bag in the brain of my pack, but seem to use it frequently anyway. The saw is very effective at clearing out branches from a tight belay ledge, or smaller fall across a trail. The knife geometry is perfect so it seems sharp for a lot longer, with the thinner blade just slicin' and dicin'. The can opener is extremely effective, probably one of the best designs in multitools, as is the cap lifter. I love having the tweezers along with me, as pulling slivers is easily handled by them.
There are some things I don't like or feel are necessary on this tool though, the corkscrew being one of them. If I am at home and there needs to be a bottle opened, then home corkscrews are much more effective. And personally, I would never carry a glass bottle of wine into and then out of the bush to ever justify it. And the second, smaller blade. Again, a little useless for me, as the main blade takes care of pretty much anything.