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True to claims

I've used orange Superfeet in several pairs of trail running shoes, including Asics and Montrail. You should absolutely have these professionally fitted, because these can do more harm than good if they are the wrong size.

After a break in period, I noticed considerably less foot fatigue and better overall posture. I was on my feet on a concrete floor for 8+ hours a day, and go home to take my shoes off, having felt like I was sitting all day. On the trail they do the same. The stability and support they give your feet is fantastic, maximizing the performance of your footwear. The front pad give just enough cushion in the forefoot to make any activity where you're on your toes a little more enjoyable.

I noticed with several pairs of my orange Superfeet in Montrail shoes that my heel would start to rub my socks in a way that I had never experiences before. After almost a year of this, I tried blue Superfeet in the same shoes. The lower profile of the blue allowed my foot to sit properly in the heel cup, stopping the rubbing issue. While I miss the cushion of the orange in the forefoot, the better fit in the heel cup is well worth it. While superfeet does design each insole for a specific purpose, don't be afraid to try different ones. A different color may work better for you.

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professionally fitted aren't they trim to fit

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they are trim to fit, but getting the proper letter size which corresponds to heel cup size is what i was referring to regarding a pro fit.