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True 3-man tent, remarkable capacity-to-weight ratio

I've owned mine for a bit over a year now and have had it out in all conditions, from camping on snow to high-winds in the mountains to sunny and clear- it's a pretty fantastic tent system.
Since the weight is nest + poles/stakes + fly + footprint, you can split the weight out in your party such that each will be carrying minimal weight- and you can leave behind the nest or the footprint, depending on how you intend to use it.

Typically, the "3-man tent" is so often a term of fiction that we mostly understand it to mean "two close friends and possibly a chihuahua could fit", but the CR3 is an honest-to-goodness 3-man tent you can actually sleep 3 full-sized adults + gear in, without everybody being elbows and ankles in each others' space. When it comes to sleeping, spooning is an option, not a requirement- unless you try to stuff 4 people in there, which would be doable if you're willing to be as friendly as some tent makers seem to think we all are. My wife, 2 kids, and I can fit comfortably, with room for a lot of extra stuff.

Most of the floor space is usable up to a sitting adult's height. Each corner in the nest features a stow pocket for glasses, headlamps, or what-have you. There are also eyelets from which to hang sundries on the inside of the nest.

Space in the vestibules is generous, and each vestibule is accessible from both inside and outside. I can fit two large packs in a single vestibule and still have room for my stove, fuel canisters, and a couple pairs of boots. Vestibule doors can be rolled up out of the way (to be secured with a simple button/hook thingy), and nest doors roll up and to the side for similar stowing). There are guy points at all corners of the fly, plus velcro loops on the inside of the fly to secure the tent poles in place. (pro tip: without these secured, the tent is flexible indeed- so be sure to do these up even when the weather 'looks like it'll be fine'.)

Ventilation in this tent is glorious. Condensation is just not a problem at all.

Properly staked/guyed out, this tent stands up well to wind and weather- it flexes, but has stood through some significant storms (50+knot gusts) on my watch. I am routinely surprised at the conditions it withstands, actually- It doesn't make sense that such a light, flexible set of poles and fabric should be so strong and resilient.

With 3 poles, pitching is a simple one-man job, takes 3 minutes- a few more than that to properly guy out and secure all points. Taking it down is similarly simple- and unlike most tents I've owned, I am able to get everything back into the stuff sack without any extraordinary effort.

Basically, it's a bigger, lighter, roomier, more comfortable tent than anything your friends have.
The only downsides: it's pretty expensive, and you need a big enough spot to pitch the thing. Oh, and your friends will insist on using your tent, instead of theirs.