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Triumph Anorak

the triumph has got to be one of the lightest fully waterproof hooded shells on the market. After owning it for a few months, i now know why it got so many awards. the design is genius.. so simple, its high tech. only two pieces of fabric, which means WAY less seams than the average shell. originally, i was in the market for an ultralight hooded wind-shell to use as an outer-layer in summer alpine conditions, or as a mid-layer in spring/fall (perhaps under a light fleece to make a makeshift "wind-stopper".. 2 pieces, same weight = more versatility). Wind-shells are a very versatile piece, that can be used in many applications to compliment a layering system. I began looking at several 3 and 4 oz. pieces from montbell, TNF, and marmot. they all seemed great in their own right, but one thing was constant. in most parts of the country, you're probably going to end up packing a fully waterproof rain shell as well. kind of redundant to me. enter the triumph. as light as the average hooded wind-shell (5oz.), but fully taped and waterproof. you've got your apple sized wind-shell (compressed), and your ultralight rain shell in one jacket. of course, with an actual laminate, the triumph wont be as breathable as a wind-shell, but the center zip is deep and will vent a lot of heat. great piece of kit, highly recommended. for reference, i'm 5'10'' 190 and the large fits pretty good (not to tight, not to baggy). the wrist cuffs and bottom hem are elastic bound to keep drafts out.