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Totally Sucks

Its cheap but its still not worth getting. I've tried to apply it twice on my shoes, and it does not go on as it may sem. Its dry clumpy and hard to work with. I even followed my instructions to the letter, and i cant seem to make it work. Like the other reviews, i do not recommend this product to anyone. And if any one did get it to go on smooth and work the way it should... How did you do it?

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The reason I bought/tried this stealth paint was simply to patch around the toe area of several climbing shoes I have. I don't think it would work that well on the actual sole, but on the toe area I've found it works very well. Granted, you have to reapply every week or so, but it has really extended the life of two pair of 5.10's I of the pair I just started putting it on as a preventative measure, and it keeps me from wearing down the top/toe portion of the shoe. Apparently I drag my toes from time to time on hard/technical/balancy climbs.
As for putting it on...I just followed the directions(exactly). I apply the cement to the toe area first, only let it sit for about 5min, apply the second mixture of rubber AND cement liberally and then carefully roll it out with the clear plastic applicator until it is relatively smooth(not like the original shoe, but close enough for me). I use my finger a little at the end to smooth it down too...when needed.