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Top notch

Well, the reviews says it all. This burner is one of the best on the market. I have used it on the high mountains in Scandinavia, the desert in Afghanistan (The sand didn't make any problems) and at sea. The only minus I can see is that it only fits the original MSR fuel bottles. My last stove was an Optimus Nova +, and I had to buy a new bulk of bottles.

All in all: You get what you pay.

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Just curious, what did you switch from the omni+ to the XGK, and how do the two compare? Which was easier to maintain/ clean? I'm trying to decide between the two and any info would be great.

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Good question. The Nova was simply not reliable. It stopped burning after 2 tours in the mountain, and it had clogged. The XGK is so far way much better and reliable. Thats why I bought it - I need equipment I can trust.