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Gear Review

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Top-line performance without the price

I have been riding a full 105 group (crankset excluded) for well over a year and I can't think of anything negative to say about it. I love how 105 components work, and how they work every time that I want to use them. They are dependable, durable, efficient, and good looking. This is not to say that 105 is the best equipment on the market, just that I would feel silly paying more for anything else. If you are a top level cyclist, you will be disappointed. Er, wait, if you are a top level cyclist... you are probably out on a training ride right now... and you probably don't read component reviews... you probably don't have to pay for your components. Never mind.

These pedals are no nonsense points of contact. No carbon, no titanium, no foolery. They are solid pieces of metal, intended for years of faithful service. As the product description accurately states, "only weighs 50 grams more than Shimano's top-line pedal." While I understand the benefits of light components, I consider this an asset of the 105 pedal. There are places to save weight; pedals are not the place to start. Save the money and invest in better wheels or you could ride to work a few days a week. Do that, and you can stop worrying about grams and start focusing on pounds.