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Top Cap = Crap

Well, my feet have stayed warm and dry while using these, sometimes, 6 consecutive days (XC skiing can sometimes be the only access I have for field work). The ankle support is great, the control with Rottefella Magnums mounted on Fischer Snowbound Crowns is top notch. I have well over 100 miles logged on this setup.

I just can not understand what Alpina was thinking with the design of the toe-cap. While XC skiing, my fore-foot flexes - something the boot allows for - but the semi-rigid toe cap is positioned such that the EDGE of the toe cap SCRAPES into the top of one's toes every single time the foot flexes! I have tried many work-arounds, and have had the local cobbler attach a pad to the underside of the toe cap. Even with this aftermarket fix, I still have to wrap my big toes with gauze and bandage, under socks, to prevent the wicked painful scraping.

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Hi, you are probably not alone with this problem. Try putting more flexible rubber bumber in from of your toe in the BC binding. There should be soft, medium and firm types, you should try soft. This will ease the step and prevent folding too hard on the toes.