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Too small? Put 'em in the oven!

Got these for my wife so I could take her climbing with me. She's typically an 8.5 to 9, so I ordered 9, thinking she'd prefer a looser fit since she's never climbed before. Well, she tried them on and they were too tight. Not wanting to bother with the return, we decided to try to put them in the oven. 3 minutes @ 200 degrees loosened them up just enough for her. Now they fit perfect.

I haven't taken her out yet, so I can't speak as to how well they perform and my wife doesn't have anything to compare them to, but for the price they seem to be a great shoe.

As for the look of the shoes, my wife keeps saying "thanks for the really ugly shoes." I think looks wise she'd probably prefer the Evolv Rockstars (she's a girly girl) but they'll certainly serve the purpose.

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I've put my speed skates in the oven before, but they were specifically designed for heat molding. Nothing else on the Hera's melted or caused any problems? I'm considering giving it a try with my new Hera's if it worked out for your wife. I just purchased a size 8.5, I usually wear a 9 or 9.5. I'm pretty new to climbing and went with the size the person working at my local climbing gym recommended, but they hurt so bad I can't climb more than 10 minutes in them. They said they would stretch 1/2 a size but from what I've read these particular shoes won't stretch from wear.