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Gear Review

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Too fast for love

The other review mentioned the ignition only works 1/20 tries, I find this amazing as mine has spark without a fuel canister connected to it. The "phhwwsshhgg" sound it makes when igniting has become one of my favorite sounds along with a woman's sweet whispers and lots of money falling on my doorstep from a 10,000 foot jettison from a Columbian drug trafficking airplane. I like it better than the PCS when you're cooking with 2 or people, I've entertained 6 with this. Downsides are not the weight so much as the bulk, I can imagine this in an overnighter would take up most of the room. I also wish the fuel canisters would fit inside the pot. I like how w/ the fuel canisters, you can invert them to be liquid gas and burn quicker at higher altitudes. Helios is gooood.