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Gear Review

4 5

Toasty and Dry

I had a chance to try out these gloves tonight, and they performed admirably. It was pretty cold, and I never used the liners, and yet my hands stayed warm all night. I tend to pull off my gloves a lot, so having the liners on would have impeded my ability to use my hands, so I decided against using them unless I needed them. They were warm enough on their own, and even once my hands got so cold it became hard to use them, I'd put the mittens on and have toasty fingers in a matter of minutes (which I attribute half to the build quality of the mittens, half to mere fact that all my fingers are now in contact with each other and can warm up faster). The goggle wipe is only on the left thumb, which is nice so that if you have to wipe your nose, you still have a remaining thumb to do it with. Though having the goggle wipe at all is quite nice.

Great mittens, great price, so why 4 stars? Because I'm picky, and ideally I'd be able to have a mitten with a zippered pocket on the top so I could drop a hothands packet in there to keep my fingers super warm all the time. Like I said, I'm picky, but in my eyes that would flat-out be a better mitten.