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To the Uneducated

I would like to start by saying I have actually been on this board, seen this board, and held this board in my own hands and can say it is a huge step in the ECO direction. They have reduced a ton of materials in this board that ARE harmful to the environment without sacrificing your ride. If you are educated on board construction, you can pick this board up look it over and tell there is less to it, and in the ECO world less is more. BUT, when you actually get on it you don't feel like you're on a board that is missing anything. It is one of the smoothest most responsive boards I have ever ridden. So if you like the idea of reducing your carbon footprint check this board out. You can go to and find out a lot more about this board. Check out the info on HarshMellow as well, it is a huge part of why this thin profiled board can ride as smooth as it does with great edge hold.

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how is synthetic polymer made.. and pollution offset credits? if you know what that is it means nothing. it means you can pollute than pay the government so that they can build more shit that pollutes such as a carbon dioxide distillery which pumps the carbon dioxide back into the ground but does not reduce but contribute by having more produced to make the stupid thing that does nothing. i'm not a tree hugger or anything (nothin wrong with it) but when people by offset credits they are just paying someone so that they can pollute. not trying to bash anybody people just need to open there eyes. check out the video on

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seriously watch it it is a great concept