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Time to Relax

I've been looking to get a roof box for my 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon for some time now and my two requirements were that it fit my skis and that it fit my crashpad (not at the same time). It turns out this was the perfect box. It will fit any of my skis up to 186cm without any tweaking and it will fit my crashpad, an Organic Full Pad (36in x24in x8in. folded) without any problem. There is little to no windnoise when driving at highway speeds and so far I haven't noticed a major drop in gas mileage at all. It was very easy to install (with the help of a friend) and goes on and off easily for when I am not using it on my factory crossbars.. The latch mechanism and the general "hand feel" of the plastic is also very reassuring and certainly stiffer than older models I have used on friends' cars.