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Gear Review

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Time saved = worth the $$$

Just picked a set of these up and Love Them! Adjusting these properly is key for the first time you take them out. If you don't, getting your boot in and out of the binding won't work quite right. Took a bit longer to set up when installing than my friend's pair of Burton Cartels, but well worth the effort for the time saved at the top of the runs. I run with a mixed group of skiiers and boarders. Before they were always waiting on me. Now I skate off the lift, flip the highback and latch, and am strapped in and headed down the slope by the time they get their goggles adjusted. As other folks mentioned, you can get into these when you're not on a flat area, just drop to your knees rather than sit, kick your boot into the biding and flip up the back. Getting into these while sitting is possible...but a complete PITA and if that's your preferred method for strapping in and you can't deal with the methods listed above...these aren't the bindings for you. For the people that say they're too expensive, I ask you this: "How much do your lift tickets cost, and how many more runs do you think you could get out of them if you weren't spending all that time ratcheting in every time you reached your drop off point?"