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Three Seasons in...

This is my third year on the Prophets. I have the older model with the softer flex. The boots themselves are well built and work well. I sized for comfort after years of race fits. That may be the issue.

I wear a size 9-9.5 in street shoes, and went on the high end of the sizing spectrum to a 27.5. They feel right, lengthwise, but I have major heel lift issues. A full length shim helped, but it took up too much room in the toebox and cramped my feet. I ended up cutting up a shim and putting a double layer in the heel while leaving the toes alone. With one day on the new arrangement, I think things may have finally settled in.

Beyond sizing - Walking mode works well when the buckles are undone. I can skin for hours with absolutely no discomfort. I really like Garmont's mechanism that holds the buckles, even when they're undone, until you press on the release button. It makes for much quicker transitions from touring to skiing. The cant adjustment doesn't go far enough to account for my needs. I haven't experienced anything like the other reviewer, where the bales press into the boot toe.

Given the chance to do it again, I'd probably go with a different boot.

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As an update: I swapped out for a 26.5 shell. Heel lift is gone, even with no shims. I'm still playing with the fit, but the smaller size is a substantially better experience. Rating upped to 5 stars and my apologies to Garmont for downrating them. It wasn't you, it was me!