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This vs. Stinger

I have the Stinger bib. I love it except that it doesn't have full side zips, so I tried this one.
Crotch rides way too high when the suspender are up for me, as another reviewer pointed out. Stinger doesn't have that problem.
I also love the real pockets you get on the Stinger, but understand what is likely a weight trade-off with the full side zips.
Anyway, keeping the Stinger, and if I ever want to take them off w/o taking my boots/cramps off I'm sure I'll be a bit annoyed, but I really don't do that that often anyway, and the Stinger can ventilate pretty well.
3 stars for me personally due to the crotch fit issue. If you don't have this problem than I'm sure these are 4-5 star bibs.
I'd never pay this much for either, however, so thank god for sales.

I should also point out that the red isn't a vivid as in the picture.

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I have both bibs too. I'm 5 7 and I don't have any prob with the crotch, so I'm thinking you've got to be much taller cause that's the only reason you'd have the prob and I don't. Or you need to move up one size.
I have the red/cardinal and in my eyes, it's pretty red in deed. This color can be spotted miles away.
They should wise up and combine the best features of each bib. I don't want the choice between anything less than awesome, especially when having to pay these prices.