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Gear Review

5 5

This thing rips!

I rode this board the other day at Loveland here in Colorado. There was probably close to a foot of fresh and this thing killed it. I was on the 157 gullwing and it turned harder than most full cambered boards and floated like my big board. The gullwing on this board is mellower than the gullwing on the pro series or team. There is only a little bit of reverse camber between the bindings and then normal regular camber on the nose and tail. It was just enough to keep me floating, but didn't washout at all if I got in the back seat or loopy. This thing is really aggressive though. There were a couple times I got a little lazy and this board definitely let me know that. The blacklight would be perfect for someone looking for a hard charging all mountain killer. Oh yea, this thing is f'in fast!