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This thing is like what mermaids need

So if were a mermaid and I've never been one so this is all speculative - I'd buy one. When I got to land and needed to float to watch handsome beach-princes toss frisbees to dogs and blast gulls with bread crumbs I'd inflate the pack and use it as a flotation device.

Then when I needed to dive back my village I would deflate all air, and put my electronics in the main compartment, diving to 20,000 leagues - with a dry digital camera the whole time.

But I am not a mermaid and at this point it looks like I'll never become one (which sucks) so I will just use this bag for canyoneering and keeping beer dry in the rain.

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And then you could gather up all the delightful little sea monkeys that you saw, and take them safely back to Salt Lake without having to add any water.