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This thing is a steel cable...

The good: I've climbed on this rope for a season and a half now doing almost entirely single pitch sport climbs. It's seen a lot of whippers and abrasive rock with little or no wear. This rope is amazingly durable!

The bad: It was quite stiff when I bought it and hasn't really broken in, either. Even with diligent rope management and a clean rope bag this thing picks up dirt like crazy. I've washed it three times (once at the end of the first season and twice back to back a few weeks ago) and still haven't managed to get it past a honey mustard color to it's original french's yellow. It is also very abrasive on my hands and gear when lowering or clipping - probably the dirt that won't come out of it.

Bottom Line: I wouldn't buy this rope again. It's got all the specs of a great rope but the way it handles is a deal-breaker. Friends agree.

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Completely agree. Rope has held up well for a season and a half (finally had to chop off about 20 feet after I found it had been coreshot). However, given how dirty it gets even with my diligent care, and given how filthy it is and remains even after washing repeatedly, I won't buy it again.