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This poncho-tarp rocks!

I, like other people here, balked a bit at the cost of this item. I got over the cost by looking at it like this;
As a poncho it's fairly expensive, but as a light weight tarp for shelter the price isn't so bad. As a combo of the two items for the same price it's value isn't hard to see. Being able to free up space and weight in my pack by packing this instead of a tent and rain gear.... Well, as they say that's priceless.
I've had mine now for almost a year. I've used it as tarp on just about every camping trip this year with my hammock and even used it a couple times now as a poncho. it's held up quite well with no real signs of wear or tearing yet.
If I could change one thing I would add a single, large, pocket on the front. It would be great to have a pocket to store snacks and compass or whatever so you didn't have to do the awkward shuffle of trying to fumble items out of your pockets underneath the poncho. This pocket could also double as nice stuff sack.

(I know there's occasionally someone from Sea to Summit reading these posts, so how about the pocket idea?)

This poncho-tarp rocks!