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This is the binding you want

Believe the hype about the double pivot. The energy savings with this system over the Fritschi is dramatic and you don't need the third step heel elevator. Naxo heel elevators are solid. Stepping down secures them. On my Fritschi it was the opposite--I kept kicking out of them. The binding feels solid in touring mode. There is no side-to-side give and no worries about ripping the toe out when doing kick turns, etc. Downhill performance is equally bomber. Full ski flex, no releases, just rock solid. I've done plenty of resort skiing with no problems. I'll take the Naxo toe piece over Fritschi's any day. Finally, you can adjust the binding size with a simple flick of a lever. Great for switching between DH and AT boots. Whatever you do, don't go buy a Freeride until you've tried this binding--you'll be kicking yourself if you do.