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Gear Review

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Third time is a charm, I hope.

I would agree that the Whisperlite Int. is possibly the best stove ever made. I have had mine since 1997. I have never had a problem with my stove. It has never clogged on me, and if one doesn't over pressurize their fuel tank, this stove can sort of simmer.

However, this is my third pump for said stove. My original pump lasted many years before it developed two cracks in the body, near the control valve. So I bought the "new" design as a replacement. I was able to use it a few times, like twice, before the o-ring on the control valve went bad. So I bought a $30 maintenance kit to replace all the o-rings, etc. While putting the pump back together, I overtightened the control valve, and sheared off the plastic fitting. My Bad. So, this is my third pump in 14 years.

Advice: Be gentle when maintaining the pump, they are not 'bombproof.'

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I guess I am not the only one that feels this way.

I bought my Internatonale back in 1994 and had worked flawlessly.. until now. I lost the pimp/valve assembly and could not find it in time for a weeklong trip in the Shenandoah National Park. So, I bought one of the new fuel pump for the trip. I took it home and tested it out before taking on the trail. It worked perfectly several times so I took it with me. I was only able to get it to work ONCE before it failed. I am SO grateful my companions decided to bring along a backup stove or we would have been eating cold food. I don't know about most people, but I think that a fuel pump assembly failing after THREE uses classifies it as a major FAIL.

This pump assembly is junk. I guess they really don't "build 'em like they used to", so I guess I just bought my last MSR product. I will be replacing my (formerly) trusty Internationale with a Soto Muka.