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They work, but...

I have fallen on these and they hold just like any other cam placed properly and the price is great especially on the larger cams. The flexibility on these guys are crazy which makes them less likely to walk. I will definitely continue to climb with them, however, my biggest complaint is how loose the trigger assembly is. I find that the lobes rarely pull evenly and that they can get themselves in funky positions. You have to be very thoughtful when placing these and watch how you pull the trigger. Also the cams a lot of time get caught on other gear and it twists the trigger pull wires and then you have to unbend them, not what I want to be doing while trying to place a cam. With the flexibility being a plus it can be a down side to the cam, when sliding it into a crack it flops around a lot and you have to really play around with finding the right placement.

If I'm taking limited gear or need to find a quick placement I reach for my BD C4s or Master cams first. If you climb in an area where there are a lot of horizontal placements, bring these bad boys for sure!

Responded on

I'll second these comments about the funky wires getting kinked and catching on cam lobes and such. In fact, I was amazed when these arrived in the mail and I pulled the trigger and watched things get tangled. I haven't placed them yet, but I do not look forward to the time when I am looking for pro and have to instead mess with the cam.

They are indeed flexible, and I like the extendable sling. I bought these as doubles for my larger sizes, to save a few bucks, but more than anything else, these cams have showed me how well BD cams are built. I had BDs before anything else, and I took them for granted. The single axles and funky trigger wire mechanism make me wish I had waited for a BD sale. They also claim to alternate the colors of the cam heads, as if that would make a difference when finding them on my rack. I don't see the value.

Pick up these, on sale, if you want to save a few bucks...though you may be considering the value of those bucks when it's time to put these to the test. IMHO, wait for a sale price on a better cam (BD, metolius mastercam). Or, just buy a better cam. BD C4s are worth every penny.