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They are ok but not the best

I bought a pair two years ago just because they were cheap and I was feeling like some black duddly pants. Well the first time I wore them out shredding doing some urban rails they tore so not to big of a fan of Special Blend given that my coat I have is falling apart too. But it is tight when it is new I will say that the pants were not as constrictive as I personally like them though.

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Did you fall on the pants and rip them on a rail or did they bust at the seam? If if was the former then that is your fault not the pants. If it was at the seam then you should have sent them back to Special Blend for a new pair. I've worn mine for two years now and have not had a problem. The fit is legit and the pull tight hem adjuster is the greatest invention for snow pants.

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Well my friend I don't believe I had anything to do with the pants tearing other then they just weren't durable enough for me. I rode Holden pants before and loved. Got these and just didn't cut it for me. It is my opinion I personally like the holden better. I like the fit but I don't think that pants should tear like that the first time out shredding. I have done the same thing with my new and old holden pants and nothing of the sort has happened. LOVE HAYDE89