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Gear Review

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These are the best leg armour!

I bought this back in 2007 and it's saved my knees and shins from numerous mishaps! I have a few deep gashes in the shin area which were the result of my foot slipping a pedal. Had it not been for the awesome protection I could have easily fractured my shin!

Once you get the straps setup you'll never have to adjust them again! They never slide or slip down my leg when pedaling. The times where I've been separated from my bike (aka: a crash) they've always remained strapped to my legs.

They breathe pretty well too and they clean up easy. I just put them into the washer every now and then and they're good as new again.

They're also thin enough to where they fit under my DH pants easily.

That all said, they are kinda pricey but when I think back on all the times it's saved me from serious injury I don't regret the price! As indicated, I got mine back in 2007 and the rear elastic straps are finally starting to show their age. In 2012 I will no doubt have to retire these and get a new pair. 4 years is awesome if you ask me!

These are the best leg armour!