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These are bomber

I bought these when putting together a starter rack on the advice of a guide for climbing a particular area of Northern California. When the set came in, I was surprised at how big these suckers were. I knew they had the potential to replace a larger (up to 3" w/#10) cams, but the size and strength of these peices really made me believe it. The wires make them a little stiff to place in every situation, but when you can make them work you know you've got a solid peice of pro. The #10 is my go to peice for a bomber anchor when I can fit it in the system. For beginning climbers, check the tech specs (sizes) on so you know what sizes to get for your particular rack configuration. I didn't see the sizes listed on so here they are for reference:
Dimensions :
20.6/27.9 mm, 0.81/1.10 in (size 4)
23.9/33 mm, 0.94/1.30 in (size 5)
27.2/39.1 mm, 1.07/1.54 in (size 6)
33/45.7 mm, 1.30/1.80 in (size 7)
39.1/54.1 mm, 1.54/2.13 in (size 8)
47/63.7 mm, 1.85/2.51 in (size 9)
55.6/75.2 mm, 2.19/2.96 in (size 10)