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Gear Review

5 5

There's nothing like an MSR jet-afterburner stove!!

I got my stove in Dec. '09 and have used it several times since.

My biggest praise is that it fires up and works in any temperature I have used it in, with the lowest temperature being -10*C so far. And, apparently, there isn't a cold enough place on earth where this stove won't work!!

My second biggest praise is that it will burn using multiple fuels: WG, kerosene, unleaded gas, diesel.

In regards to hard-to-light criticism I've read while researching this stove:
Once an EGX EX owner understands that one must heat the generator tube in order for the stove to work (Step Four of the operating instruction manual), said owner should never have lighting problem again. I just release a small amount of fuel as per instruction (A little more in colder outside temperatures) and light the fuel. I then wait, usually two minutes, for the generator tube to heat up. You know when the tube is heated because you'll hear the (After)burner come on. Then, I just open the valve a half to three quarters turn; and the burner will come roaring to life!

I'm a backcountry snowcamper/snowshoer. I boil water with this stove for food and drink. I leave my 'gourmet' cooking to truck camping or campground camping.