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Gear Review

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The big boy stove

i have had many small camp stoves - they have burned white gas in a tank that requires the pump, or using the green propane cylinders that run great for the first half, and then barely run the second half. i evolved my camp stove and used a propane tank and hose, but they were still low heat, and slow cooking.
So, i upgraded to the campchef stove. the heat power it can blast out is like 5 times the heat at max power to get water boiling FAST, but can still simmer, cook low and slow, medium heat to cook down veggies, or even be used with some add-ons like the grille, or griddle.

bottom line - you will be popular in camp, when you are cooking with the camp chef.

these are full size stoves, they do not pack down to the size of the old coleman stove. about twice the size of coleman stove, but has legs, and some serious power.