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The best freeskiing boot ever

Amazing how some new paint and marketing can sell to the kiddies...though with this product I'm stoked they're turned on to it. This is the best freeskiing boot ever made, even as the original design was done long before anyone used that term. The best advice in boots is to buy what fits. Thank Full Tilt for using an Intuition liner in all of they're boot models as most everyone with a D width or less will be fine after heat molding the liner. Now for the bonus. The weight of the boots has to be 1/3 less than standard 4 buckle boots due to the use of plastic enclosure vs. metal buckles. My favorite part though is the flex. What you apply in forward and downward pressure is stored as energy upon release. No other design works like that. The boot actually has "pop". All of the Full Tilt line has a design of this sort but why not throw down and support the pro model concept and buy the Seth. Props to the Full Tilt company for bringing this boot design back from the ashes where it never should have been and props to Morrison for shredding in the boot for all these years. Pce.

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Nice review, Travis. Thank you.