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To sum up this ski, essentially they took the Rocker2 122 sidecut profile, rocker profile and construction and put it into a ski with a flatter and stiff tail with a little narrower waist width. This makes the ski much more versatile in crud, windblown, on groomers and in variable conditions. It's essentially as playful and easy as the 122, but with a tail that helps power you through any non-powdery condition you might encounter.

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What kind of stiffness does it have when you plow into a powder pile or wind-stiffened bit of pack?

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It definitely cut through that kind of snow Le Pistoir. It has a very gradual tip rocker which helps knife through off the wall conditions like you describe. So instead of getting bounced upward and over like a lot of dramatically rockered skis, the slow upward curve of rocker helps stabilize the ski in funky conditions.