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The Standard

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This is the adjustable ski pole against which all others are measured. The new and improved grip and wrist leashes are awesome and extremely comfortable/ergonomic. Flicklock is what you want on adjustable poles. Nothing else is as good. I personally liked the old backcountry baskets better than the regular powder baskets because these can lever themselves out in hard snow and they are heavier, creating greater swing weight. These poles are not lightweight but a good strong pole that will get years of use if you don't upgrade to something lighter. It's worth it to ask yourself if you really NEED adjustable poles before buying these however. Another strategy would be to wrap duct tape and/or athletic tape about a foot down the pole shaft of a lighter weight non-adjustable pole. Then you have a secondary grip you can use when traversing that is always at the ready and doesn't require adjustment and is lighter weight. I'm 6" and I went with the longer version. I probably could have gone with either size but the longer version allows me to go longer when I want really long poles for traverses or long stretches of flat. It also makes for a stronger pole when skiing down since the pole is retracted further into the longer and stronger upper section.