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The Standard

I absolutely love this handheld. I have used it on almost every long distance run that Ive done since I bought it last year. The kicker valve is awesome and I have had no problems with leaking. I wasnt sure if I would like running with a bottle in my hand for long distances, but after my first run with it, I was hooked. The suspension is great and it keeps the bottle very tight against my hand so I dont have to really hold it much. I found this product to be much more comfortable than the nathan hydration quickdraw, plus you get a way better bottle. The only edition to the bottle that I would like to see would be a key ring clip inside the zippered compartment. This would allow me more ease of mind so I dont have to worry about losing my key while im trying to pull my gel out. I would highly recommend this handheld over any other that I have tried.