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The Primo of Touring/Mountaineering

Anyone familiar with Patagonia's Primo Pants, or at least their reputation, know that they are pretty freakin' durable. These pants are the mountaineering/touring equivalent of the Primos, and are really quite similar. The stark differences are the fit, the Triolets being much narrower, the full sealed side zips that allow you to take off the pants without taking off your boots in place of the vents, and the elastic waistband with a built-in belt. I love the way these fit as I can't stand hiking backcounty with baggy fitting pants, but a huge disclaimer, they fit super tight in the cuff if you're wearing pure alpine ski boots and not touring or tele boots. Most of the fabrics are identical to the Primo, except the pants are sectioned such that the calf & quad quarters of the pant are a slightly lighter weight fabric than the shin and the butt/hamstring. The kick patch are made out of the same material as the Primo, but lack the inch-high cuff.