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The North Face Mountain 25 2006 Editition

Just saw they changed this tent for 2007.
Bought mine for circa 370? or thereabouts to camp in the Adirondacks in January. Didn't get the chance to go so have only observations from setting it up in my kitchen.
1) Way too heavy for a one man unless you have a pulk or not going for too long.
2) However for the weight you get a comparatively huge inside for a two man - comparing to a 3 yr old 4 pole Marmot Odyssey. The poles really stretch it out to max interior room.
3)Nightmare to set up in my kitchen - what's going to happen in a storm? Requires a lot of brute strength to get poles in - which are hardly color- coordinated - read there's black and there's bronze poles, the sleeves are ditto. The full-length sleeves probably aid stability, but are a pain to thread..and will probably increase condensation.
3)I have four tents now but needed a proper winter tent (camping in Norway at summit in 3 season in Gale sucked!!). I believe what everyone says that it's bomb-proof. Looking forward to trying it, although I suspect if you're camping solo and bad weather comes, you will hate the setting up bit - I doubt I could set it up in less than 5 min with practice.
Ok that was my two bit's worth..if on sale for 300, buy it - you can always go on holiday to Norway and sell it for 1000! - of course why I couldn't lose buying it...