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Gear Review

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The BEST there is

This rack turns heads. Even non bike people recognize that it is special. Very unique design, and I have only seen two others in two years.
The hitch tightening system works as advertised. The front and rear tire holders work smoothly and stay tight. I can throw 2 bikes on it and drive all day on the freeway or rough gravel roads and not worry a bit. Carries skinny tire road bikes as easy as fat tire downhill/freeride bikes, and stays rock solid. Carries 20" (with included adapter) through 29" wheels. The "trail doc" is a nice touch.

Bottom line: I have carried 2 bikes at least 10,000 miles since I bought mine, and the only damage, besides a bit of sun fading (I live in the desert), came from getting rear ended. The rack took it like a champ (see pic) and protected my rig (no bikes on it). The other car required some bodywork. This thing is worth the price.

BONUS: Kuat's customer service is flat amazing. I'm spoiled.

The BEST there is