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Gear Review

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Testing the F.S. ~_~

I picked up one of these to give it a try and check out one of the "micro" 'biners comparable to the nano and mosses. Like everyone has said, this thing is smurf sized. .

After a bit of testing I'm thoroughly impressed by the snappy and tight gate action, feel in the hand, ease of clipping, weight, and even the bright color. Purple ended up being a Magenta/Pink color lol, but whatever. Also, has a texture comparable to bead blasting.

While the gate opening of this thing is tiny ( 18mm ) I really like the feel in the hand and it's not incredibly hard to clip it cause you can wrap your whole hand around it with ease. I'm sure the more you practice with it the better you'd get, but I prefer the Inferno wiregate for the size bonus and larger gate opening. They're also the same price ;]

With the mini F.S.'s tiny gate opening and large hook nose it can be a bit troublesome to unclip from the harness, pro, rope, and/or wall. Practice makes perfect. .

Major Axis Strength: 22 kN
Minor Axis Strength: 7 kN
Open Gate Strength: 8 kN