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I went through two pair in a matter on two months.

I have always rocked Burton gloves, and loved them. That is, until these suckers. They were super comfy and warm, but for some reason they ripped on me the first day on the hill. I wasn't riding anything super crazy either. Just some groomers and a bit of Cascade Concrete.

They ripped along the seam on the tip of the finger. As if the stitch was coming undone.

I thought maybe I got a defective pair, so i returned them for another pair.

The second paid held up for about a month and a half but the same exact thing happened, in the same exact place. The seam was coming undone!

Also, the "Gore-Tex" doesn't seem to actually be waterproof as many times my hands would be soaked by midday....

Not sure if these two pair I got were defective, but I would NEVER recommend these gloves. Complete garbage.

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Stop being such a knuckledragger! :-P

Seriously..gloves aren't made to be dragged across hard pack at high speeds...and having used these gloves for a decade..I'm pretty sure that's how you ripped. If not, you got a defective pair..get 'em replaced and keep your hand off the snow on toeside turns!

...Or...get some duck tape.